Forex Trading Education – The Distinction Between Private Forex Education and Academic Education

The main intention behind learning about forex trading is to increase the skills on trading that can help you trade independently and to make your own money through the forex trading. Most of the forex traders are individuals trading from their home to their comfort but not the institutional traders, sponsored with huge investments by business organizations. The distinction between private forex education and academic education You need a realistic forex trading education if you are a forex trader who is trading individually in the market since it includes real time trading features and lets you know making money from your trades rather than the complete education that involves the details of price movements, historical backdrop of forex or the dull academic statistical study of currencies and finance. You need to have or look for a proper guide who can teach you how to make profits from your trade if you are trading in the Forex to make money. And this is what you should look for planning your personal learning plan or forex trading education. “Trader, Know Thyself” Examining your trading profile is important. I mean, whether you want to be a day trader who trades several times in a day and can you spend some time on trading terminal, inspecting the prices or you operate better as swing trader who makes a trade within days or want to be trader for long term who can hold a trade for weeks. Different time frames are chosen by different types of traders and all trading methods are different from each other. It means that you need to know which type of trading you want to learn. Risk Profile Your own risk profile should be your next concern. What type of trader are you conservative or aggressive? It’s an important feature of the forex education, because if you are a trader who is conservative will not fit into day trading the forex since a conservative trader doesn’t look for multiple trades in a day. On the opposite side, it is suitable to learn to be a day forex trader for an aggressive trader since the trader would like to be skillful in day trading. You can only start with the suitable course for you only by knowing your risk profile. Trading Platform Forex trading platform what can it do with the forex education of yours? Plethora! A forex trading platform should be appropriate for the type of trading you do, because trading indicators are needed to you in your trading platform for charting interface. You need a trading platform that has the necessary indicators to implement your trading method. You need to work out your strategies in trading by using a demo account. Gaining Experience in Trading Want to lessen your learning curve as forex trader then get a trade simulator for yourself and work out your strategies until you make consistent profits by your trading method before trading in real time. With the trade simulator you can gain experience of years in just weeks because of the huge information provided by it. Mini Forex Trading Account It is important for a new forex trader to have a mini forex trading account since it can greatly reduce the risks as he makes a good practice of the knowledge he has in forex trading. Using mini forex trading account reduces the risk since low capital is enough for a trader to start a trade and has more control. This way he can maintain discipline while trading since no worry to loose big amounts.

Globalshiksha is an Education Portal That Connects Education Seeker With Education Provider

Get information related to colleges, schools, universities, institues, management quota admission, NRI quota admission, Events and news at Online education – This kind of education is the technique of educating people through the Internet. Staring an online MBA program is easier than presence a customary classroom MBA program but it still isn’t easy. If you want to make a career in Information technology, then you can choose IT Courses like MCA, BCA or MSc. But if you want to make a career in business management, then MBA is best option for you. An online MBA graduate reflects on her graduate program two years later, recalling the experience and discussing how the degree has helped boost her career in educational administration. If you really want to make a good career, then education is most important factor. There are lots of good career courses available. All of these courses have its own importance. Pursuing your MBA online is your wise decision because an MBA prepare you to face more challenges tasks in your career and equip yourself to meet the pre-requirement of any managerial position. It’s hard to work all day and come home and then attend class online and do homework. So a lot of people who are considering signing up for an online MBA program want to know if an online MBA program will really their career enough to make it worth the effort. MBBS courses in India are business courses, computer courses, engineering courses, career and vocational training, language courses and much more. These online courses are considered as the realistic mode of improving one’s career profile. In online courses, at least 80 percent of content is disseminated online. Thus, there is hardly any face-to-face interaction with faculty and instructors. Engineering students can be expecting to work in one of the maximum paying careers for a new graduate. A reasonable online engineering degree program is a way to start cashing in on the superior salary faster than if the degree was obtained through a more luxurious customary campus based university. There is an extensive range of online MBA degree courses in India. MBA in marketing, finance, human resources (HR), foreign trade, IB, MBA BE are just a few names from the vast variety online MBA courses in India. Students choose to become engineers for a variety of reasons.Engineering degrees consist of electronic & electrical engineering, bioengineering, chemical engineering, software engineering & etc. You will need to know what skills each character has. This is where a Star Trek Online tactical guide comes into play and is important. You would have learned and tested all the engineer’s skills. An online college and university website can provide information about the various programs, colleges and universities, costs, and financial aid. Advisors are available to answer questions, and you can send for information to read at your leisure. Get more information about online MBA programs today and gets started. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Globalshiksha provide also.

Writing Sales Copy: The Curse Of The Copywriting Education

Dear Business Builder,

I’m up to my eyeballs in copy cubs, and I love ‘em to death.

Every blessed one of them is a brilliant, gifted, fresh-faced kid with a big dream in his or her heart and an obsession for copywriting. And frankly, I’m convinced that each one of them will go farther and have far greater successes than I have.

For one thing, they’re smarter than me … better educated than I am … and they already know far more about copywriting than I ever will.

They’ve devoured every copywriting course, book, seminar and e-zine they’ve been able to lay their hands on.

They’ve gobbled up copywriting rules, maxims, proverbs, templates and formulas like an army of starving Sumo wrestlers chowing down at a free buffet.

They’ve perused every new swipe and every new insight as passionately as a furloughed sailor chases skirts.

They can quote Hopkins, Caples, Reeves, Ogilvy and Schwartz chapter and verse. They can recite everything Bencivenga, Halbert, Carlton, Masterson and Makepeace have ever written.

They remind me of race horses in the starting gate … champing at the bit … pawing the ground … every creative muscle in their bodies tensed, flexed and ready to explode into action at the slightest twitch of the starter’s trigger finger.

… And the same damned thing happens every time I give one of them his or her first assignment:

KABLOOEY! Their heads explode.

I can see the train wreck that’s sure to follow even as we discuss their first assignment:

The frenzied note-taking …

The tortured expressions on their young faces as they mentally juggle dozens of complex, seemingly contradictory rules they’ve learned by heart …

The numbness in their eyes as they consider the massive emotional and financial rewards they imagine will follow if they get this right – and the consequences (too horrific to contemplate) if they screw this up.

And I know what to expect: I can bet the farm the first draft will be …

Days late …

Four, five, even six times longer than it should be …

Crawling with recognizable formulas lifted from copywriting gurus and swipe files …

Replete with presumptuous lectures on how my prospect feels now – and how he should feel after enjoying the benefits the product provides …

Teeming with non sequiturs, mixed metaphors and tortured similes …

Packed with overused “power words” and over-the-top claims and of course, exclamation points …

Devoid of a compelling lead (since it has been neatly buried somewhere around page eight or nine) …

Flabby – prattling on for paragraphs on minor points when a single sentence or a string of fascinations would get the message across much more quickly and effectively …

Unfocused – the product will feel vague, ethereal, poorly defined … the offer copy will seem like little more than an afterthought … and the call to action will be virtually non-existent.

That’s OK, though – it’s not their fault: It’s just that …


Back when I was getting started, writing sales copy was easy. We had the masters to guide us …

Kennedy reminding us that, since sales copy is nothing more than salesmanship in print, ad copy should simply say the things a live salesman would say to his prospect …

Hopkins saying “Amen, brother!” then adding, “Your copy should also lift your product heads and shoulders above the competition’s,” and …

Caples saying “I hear ya! And of course, you also need to capture your prospect’s attention, hold it throughout and compel him to act.”

Pretty simple, common-sense stuff really: When writing sales copy, my job was simply to grab and hold my prospect’s attention … present the reasons why he should buy – just like any good salesman would … show how my product is better than the alternatives … and forcibly ask for the sale.

In short, to create A-I-D-A: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action.


Today, most young writers I meet tend to think more about all the copywriting techniques they’ve learned than about what their prospects are thinking and feeling or how to motivate them to make a purchase.

Now, don’t get me wrong – it’s great that they have these tools: Used properly, the tips, tricks and techniques you’re learning here in The Total Package and from other copywriting coaches will lift your response and make you a bundle.

But not if by focusing on them, you lose sight of your prospect. Or forget to fully dimensionalize your product’s benefits … or trivialize your price … or relieve your prospect’s risk … or create a powerful logic-driven call to action.

And certainly not if by using the copywriting techniques we teach, you fail to consider how your prospect is feeling as he moves through your copy.

See, when you’re writing sales copy, you only think you’re alone and you only think it’s a one-way conversation. In truth, you’re talking to a real, live, flesh-and-blood human being – your prospect – and he has an unspoken response to everything you say.
Now, let’s say you’re shopping for something. I dunno … let’s say a brand-new Porsche 911 Turbo. The salesman shakes your hand, then launches into an obviously canned sales pitch.

You can tell he’s practiced it endlessly in front of a mirror. He’s got his spiel down pat. Every word, every phrase, every inflection – even his body language is flawless.

But it’s almost like you’re not even there …

You ask questions; he doesn’t hear you. You raise objections; he ignores them. You question his facts; he fails to address your skepticism. You become bored; he doesn’t notice. You grow impatient; he couldn’t care less.

You feel trapped. You’d gladly chew your own arm off just to get away from him.

He doesn’t let that bother him, not even for a moment. He’s going to obey every rule, exercise every formula and flesh out every template they taught him in Salesman School come hell or high water.

He’s going to deliver his sales pitch – his whole sales pitch – even if it kills you.

That’s what your copy reads like when you focus on rules and formulas instead of your prospect!

And since you’re selling in print, through the mail or over the Internet, your prospect doesn’t have to chew his arm off to shut you up: All he has to do is turn the page, close his browser or e-mail window or drop your mail piece in the nearest trash can.


My advice: With the possible exception of the article you’re reading right now …

… If, when writing a first draft, you’re thinking about something I said (or any other copy coach said), you’re blowing it.

Big time.

First drafts are for climbing inside your prospect’s skin – not mine or anyone else’s.

That takes a laser-like focus on your prospect and what he’s thinking and feeling as he reads your sales message.

And that takes a heckuva lot more than just regurgitating slightly altered copy from a swipe file … or making sure you’ve checked every item on someone else’s checklist … or cramming round-peg sales arguments into square-peg formulas.

It takes intense, exhausting, rational, logical, sequential, ORIGINAL thought.

In other words …

The act of creating a persuasive sales message is an exercise in the creative application of logic to engage and move a human being to action.

It should be informed – but NEVER completely driven – by copywriting techniques others have used.

So, when writing sales copy, forget the rules. Focus on your prospect.

Simply ask yourself, “What do I need to say to get his attention?”

“What do I need to say – and prove – to keep him reading?”

“What do I need to say to neutralize the objections he’s most likely to have to buying now?”

“What do I need to say to make “not ordering” seem like the dumbest decision he could possibly make?”

Then, when writing the sales copy, use The Force – FEEL your way through your copy, asking yourself every paragraph or two, “If I was the prospect how would I be feeling right now? Would I feel bored? Skeptical? Like you’re taking too long to get to the point? Or would I feel energized … persuaded … and anxious to buy?”

When you shift your focus away from the copywriting techniques you’ve learned, you free yourself to focus exclusively on your prospect.

More than that: You free yourself to innovate – to discover new ways to engage your prospect and move him to action. You free yourself to become a legend that a future generation of copy cubs will emulate.

And you know what else? You’ll be surprised at how many of the lessons you’ve learned as a student of copywriting come to mind just when you need them to solve a problem you’ve spotted in your text.

The 3 Idiots Of The Education System

“I am beginning to suspect all elaborate and special systems of education. They seem to me to be built up on the supposition that every child is a kind of idiot who must be taught to think”. ~ Anne Sullivan.

I was conducting a Discover Your True Calling workshop at IIM, Indore last week. I had the afternoon free and decided to see the much acclaimed, high-grossing Bollywood movie – “3 Idiots”. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, largely because it is a complete indictment of our education system. The message was strikingly similar to the theme of my workshop.

The film is about three students who do not really fit into the prestigious engineering college and are considered idiots by their professor. However, the movie clearly shows who the three real idiots are – the educational system, the teachers and the parents. Reflecting on the movie on the flight back to Mumbai, I realized that any real change in education is possible only by transforming these three constituencies.

Idiot #1 – The Education System:

Our current system is performance-oriented rather than mastery-oriented. The emphasis on examinations forces students to learn by rote. They focus on scoring high marks rather than investing the time and energy to understand the subject in depth. A system where true geniuses like Einstein and Ramanujan are considered poor students really needs its head examined. In the movie, this is brilliantly brought out by Aamir Khan playing Rancho – the truly outstanding engineer who goes beyond the book to gain mastery.

Idiot #2 – The Teachers:

Our current system of pedagogy is faculty-led and follows a fixed curriculum. The average teacher assumes that there is one right answer and that (s)he knows the answer. It is the rare teacher who has the ability to facilitate rather than teach, to nurture rather than preach and to support students who stray from the well-trodden path in search of creative ways to learn. Boman Irani as Viru Sahastrabuddhe does a superb job of bringing to life a dogmatic, highly competitive, over-confident college professor – the antithesis of an ideal teacher in every way.

Idiot #3 – The Parents:

When India’s HRD Minister Kapil Sibal suggested scrapping of the 10th grade exams, parents were the first to stand up against the proposal. Parents want their children to be at the top of their classes, get admitted to the best colleges and follow traditional career options – engineering, medicine, management and the like.

Parents rarely encourage their children to discover their true passions and pursue mastery rather than mediocrity. The movie’s middle class Quereshis, who want their son to be an engineer, and the poorer Rastogis, who see education as a way out of poverty, are typical of today’s Indian parents. They would probably be the toughest nut to crack.

The 21st century calls for talented people who are masters in their chosen fields of work. It calls for collaboration among passionate individuals, from different disciplines, to address the truly challenging issues and opportunities that the world presents. The current assembly-line approach to education falls severely short. We are not equipping our children to succeed in their world. The appeal of the movie is universal and obvious.

But what will it take for all three of the constituencies above, as well as the student community to rally around to a new educational order? Please share your perspectives. We need to work together to bring about transformation in this vital area of our society.

Home stair lift New York convenience for your house

Mostly when at home we would want to have more convenience and easier access of what we need. For this reason we happen to wish for better ways for us to handle these situations. In your house you may be finding it difficult at time to access up the stairs in the floor above and you have been wishing that on day there could be a solution. Other times, we have patients and we have a hard time helping them get past the stairs. This has been a lot of work and the truth is we have not liked the much effort we put everyday. The stairs and access of the other floors can be very taxing for you incaseyou are sick, you have a patient or you are aged and you fell that climbing the stairs everyday is much work. Now, there is a remedy is new way that has been made to make sure that you get to access other areas in your house without much strain. In fact, the place you have been finding difficult to cross while walking will now be accessed at the comfort of a chair. This way you don’t have to strain anymore and or worry much about the stairs.

How to get to the next floor tirelessly

You couldn’t have imagined that you could one day actually get to the other floor of your house wit out breaking a sweat. This is now reality with the stair lift made to cross you the past the tiring stairs. All you have to do is sit on a chair and net you will be on the other floor. The acorn stair lift id installed in your house and all you have to do is get in it and relax and the net moment you will be in the next destination. With stairs lifts such as the Bruno stair lift, you will easily gain access to the other room easily andtirelessly. All you have to do is be there and express your intentions of getting to the next floor of your house.

Ease of patient movement

When you have the acorn straight stair lift, a patient can easily move about if the need arises and they can reach other rooms conveniently. This has not been there before but it’s now possible and convenient. Patients can now move about despite their situation. The stair lifts are there to make work easier for all of us.

Reasons you should have a stair lift in your house

The stair lift is built for convenience. This stair lift is best in your house for the access of other floors by occupants in your house who find it difficult to use the stairs either due to illness, disability, age or even injury. This convenience is necessary in your home for these people to feeling that they troubling you for tasks they should have them selves if they had the capability. The Bruno stair lift will serve best for all these purposes. Home stair liftnew York convenience should be evident in your house for access of other rooms easily and without any strain.

Apply Vaastu for Home to Create Positive Energy all around of you

Today I would like to give you some energy related tips of vaastu for home.

Friends, we can’t ignore the importance of positive energy in our life. Houses with less positive energies become store of negative energies. And the inmates of such houses always struggle with problems like- stress, depression, illness, financial problems etc. You see, we don’t like to stay on a place where we feel uncomfortable, where there are negative energies flowing all around.

In this context, there is a good example. You might have seen and felt the environment of hospital. On the second hand also might have felt the environment of any temple or Church? You go to both of these places for the prevention of torture or pain. But there is a big difference in the environments of both places. You don’t like to stay in a hospital, any longer (if you’re not in this profession). On the second hand, you can spend a long time in the temple or church and that’s too with much comfort and positive feelings.

Similarly, the place where you live with your family, your home should be filled of positive energies. Some principles and rules have been mentioned in Vaastu Shastra, are used during the construction of any structure, so that new house/structure could easily generate and expand positive energy. Problems like stress, illness, financial problems etc in such houses become negligible. Only pleasure, joy, happiness and prosperity are found in such houses. This is the tool which provides us a happy, playful, relaxed, and successful life.

These are some important Vaastu tips that can help you to generate maximum positivity in your house-

Use positive sounds-

Some noises irritate you, but you ignore them. Like creaking sounds of doors and windows, sounds obtained from any kind of friction etc. These sounds generate negativity in your environment. So, do the solution of such irritating sounds.

Sound of Ring balls and conch are considered good. As they help in killing the negative energies.

No clutter-

Avoid clutter in your house. In Vaastu it is called as a stuck up energy. So much clutter in a house make the inmates of that house restless. This is so bad if you are not relaxed in your own home. So avoid it. Get all the things systematized.

Light in each corner-

If you use lightening only in those rooms which are usable in the evening time, then it’s not good. Vaastu suggests that every room and each corner should be lighted once, in the evening. Because darkness is a symbol of negative powers. Vaastu also suggests that northeast and last corner must be kept lighted every time.

Avoid smells-

Another form of negative energy is smell which directly affects one’s mind. One should avoid it. Use incense and oils of flowers in your house. This will help you to kill the negative energy.

Don’t keep dead things in your house-

Dried flowers, leaves, broken pots and showcase made up of animal’s skins cause negativity. Damaged wall clock and other electronic/mechanical things should be repaired ASAP. Or you can give them away to someone who can make better use of those things. According to Vaastu such kind of dead things increases inactivity and negativity in the family members in the house.

Toilet and kitchen should be according to Vaastu Shastra-

This tip is for those who are going to start a new construction. Remember, kitchen and toilet shouldn’t be on the source points of the subtle energies. Because Kitchen uses fire element which burns all the positive energy. Construct such sensitive parts of home, after consulting with any Vaastu expert.

Most of these tips and instructions can be followed in houses already built. As I always say, easy for all. But there are more forms of negative energy could be in a house. In fact, general people don’t even know what the reason of their continuous problems is. An experienced Vaastu consultant can identify the negativity in your house and tell you the possible remedy.

Building a home in CT? Learn how to read house plans

Every home begins in someone’s mind, but the actual construction begins with the paper. When you decided to build your home in Connecticut, you made a great decision. Not many people are aware of all the processes that go behind the construction of a house. And it all begins with the Home Plans. In Connecticut you have a long list of efficient designers who will map your home for you. But to understand whether they match your wishes, you need to know how to read a home plan.

Floor plan

In the Floor Plans ¼ inch will be equal to 1 foot typically. For large homes it may vary up to 1/8inch for 1 foot. Your floor plan will give you an overall view of your home and its rooms and their interconnections. Different symbols given in the Floor Plans will be explained in the legend. Thick lines indicate the walls and the thin lines will provide measurements. Windows and doors are portrayed by open spaces marked by parallel lines. Floor plan will give overhead view of each and every floor in the house. Location of cabinets, sinks, furnaces etc. will be depicted.

Foundation/ Basement plan

Foundation plan shows the basement structure along with structure beams and footings for support. Location and dimensions of footings also will be specified. It contains details of structural elements which will support the upper floor loads. Roof plans will give you the top view of your building. It will give you a bird’s eye view of your structure.

Electrical layout

Electrical layout will give you the location of electrical fixtures like lights, fans, switches, outlets, bulbs etc. Legend will describe the symbols in the layout so as to avoid confusion. Electrical wiring is usually marked with curving dashed lines.

Exterior Elevations

Exterior elevations will mark the dimensions and other structural aspects of elevations from the front and rear and both sides of your home. They specify ridge heights, exterior finishes, roof pitches and other specifications which is necessary for the external styling of the structure. Exterior elevation illustrations give an idea about the exterior of the home.

Framing Drawings

They outline the layout details of trusses, beams and other structural elements. It is drawn to scale and may be changed by the builders to comply with the building code specifications.

Plot Plans

It shows the setting of your house on your overall property. It will show the exact dimensions of driveways, septic tanks and exterior house measurements. This plan will help to assess our landscaping needs.

These are the basic things one need to know when reading a home plan. Plans may vary according to the designer who drafted it and according to an individual’s needs. These basic plans will help you to figure out whether this home will suit your needs or not. This allows you to monitor your home and make appropriate modifications so as to personalize it for your needs. When you chose Connecticut, you chose a great place to build a home, and we hope you build a great home too. Let this place hold lots of beautiful memories for you.

Best Ways for Home Staging Furniture Rentals Mississauga

Thinking of selling your house? Well, take a good look at it. Try to visualize how it will look without the furnishings that lend it a lived in look. It will look desolate right? So, get to work. Decorate your house to show case how beautiful it will look if well furnished. That’s stage managing for you! Yes you need to dress your house up and present it in an appealing manner. Don’t know how to go about it? Not a problem at all. There are innumerable home stagers available in Mississauga that can be approached for help.

Home stagers

The aim of home stagers is to help you set the stage for the sale of your house. The intension is to make your hose look like a welcoming warm and cozy home. Staging a house enhances its appeal and makes one want to own it. This will automatically translate to more monetary value for your property. Staging can be done for the entire house or even a small section of the house. The home stagers have many offers to suit your wish and pocket.

Where to begin

Unsure about whether to stage the entire house or just parts of it? Just consult the home stagers and they will come up with a suitable plan of action that will prove beneficial to you. But, nevertheless, it would be better to do up atleast the kitchen. Like they say home is where the heart is and the short cut to the heart is through the stomach. Yes it’s the kitchen that helps you pave that short cut. So, dress up the kitchen and let the prospective clients see forthemselves how beautiful the kitchen is. While doing so ensure that the tapsand the drainage are all in ship shape condition and that the gadgets are all working fine.

The process involved

The moment you decide upon the best home stager of your choice, approach them for a consultation. They will come over and assess your place and come up with a proposal that will suit you and your house. You could hire furnishings from them for the purpose or else use your own. If they so feel, they might suggest a few additions like a chaise lounge or lamp shade or whatever that is that might enhance the appeal of your house. They will suggest ways of making your house look aesthetically unique and appealing to a large number of people so that selling your hose for a good price becomes easy.

Go through the proposal very carefully and ensure that there are no hidden costs as this cut you considerably. Look for experience and ensure that they have been in the business for a considerable amount of time and what the market has to say about them. The best place where you can rent the staging paraphernalia would be very transparent in their dealings and will be very prompt in their services. They will not keep you guessing by holding back information. They will work towards ensuring that your house gets picked up as quickly as possible so that you might get a good return on your investment.